We want to make sure you know what you are getting. Let us tell you: Every one of our cardboard stand-ups is printed on 1 of 3 of the largest professional printers of its kind in the U.S.A. The Star Wars cutout printers go through thousands of cardboard stand-ups a week, and supplies most of America’s Star Wars cutouts. We take pride in telling you that you will not find a more high quality clear image cardboard cutout of Star Wars. Just be careful, you might think that they are real. There have been many case in which customers have been scared by their cardboard cutout because they thought it was a real person when they walked into their room. Make sure you can tell the real between the surreal. We love supplying the best their is out there.

We want to make sure that you don’t receive a damaged cutout, that is why we have put a protective cardboard layer on the outside of every cutout. When your stand-up reaches you all you have to do is take it out of its package, pop the Star Wars out and you are good to go. Then set up the easel in back.

Our cardboard stand ups all come with an easy to set up easel so that you can stand your Star Wars character on his feet. Simply pop the standup out of its protected case flip up the easel in back, and put into place the tabs on the back. The result is a sturdy cardboard figure of your favorite Star Wars characters.


Yes, that is right. These are the official licensed cardboard cutouts of Star Wars. You found the right place on the web to get them. Whoever the cardboard cutout is for will love the fact it is official. WE DO NOT SELL RIP OFFS.


Okay, so you are asking…”What do I do with my Star Wars cutout”? Well we asked Star Wars fans that exact question. They came up with some pretty crazy ideas. Lets just say there are some die hard fans out there, but we already knew that. You are one of them, and that is why you are here. If you really don’t know what to do with it here are 10 things to do with your Star Wars Cardboard Cutout.
1. Lightsaber Fight
2. Dance with it.
3. Put it in a window to scare people.
4. Hug it as if it was real.
5. Put it in your room.
6. Marry it.
7. Kiss it.
8. Give it as a special gift (Star Wars cutouts make the perfect gift).
9. Bring it to school (You might just be the most popular kid at school).
10. Take it to a party.
The list goes on. Honestly, it never stops. Us Star Wars fans do not know how to stop when it comes to things you can think of doing with a cardboard cutout. We are hoping to compile a long list of things people have done with their cutouts. Keep us posted on more ideas for what you can do with a Star Wars cutout. Take a picture and send it to us on our contact page. We will make sure to post it on our website.

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